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Psychotherapy and Counselling

Psychotherapy and Counselling is an opportunity to reflect upon your life in a way that enables you to examine its difficulties, be challenged by different perspectives and gain understandings which may help you to engage with life more fully, with greater ease and with less struggle.

All our therapists are qualified and have gone through a thorough selection process demonstrating their strong therapeutic skills and community values. Gaia Therapy Project does not favour a particular therapeutic modality, however all our therapists foreground the importance of a trusting, compassionate and non-discriminatory therapeutic relationship from which to explore your life and generate your own meanings and understandings. 

Am I suitable for therapy?

People come to therapy for a variety of reasons, including – but not only - depression, anxiety or stress, a loss of meaning in life, relationship difficulties, bereavement or to attend to traumatic life events. If you are able to commit to regular therapy sessions and are willing to explore your life as honestly and openly as you are able, then it is likely therapy might be for you.

However, Gaia Therapy Project is currently a small organisation with limited resources and therefore only able to see people for whom one weekly therapy session will be sufficient therapeutic support. We are not a crisis centre and are unable to see people in immediate crisis, although can advise on where to get support if you are experiencing a crisis. If you are in recovery, we ask that you have been in a period of sobriety for a minimum of six months before beginning therapy with us.

How much does it cost?

Gaia Therapy Project is a service for those on low incomes or in receipt of benefits who would struggle to pay the standard fees for therapy.  We recognise that everybody’s financial circumstances are different and will ask you what you are able to afford to pay during the initial assessment. Typically this will range from between £5 - £25, however nobody will be turned away from therapy because they do not have enough money to pay.

Currently Gaia Therapy Project does not receive any funding and all the volunteer therapists give their time for free. The continuation of the project does rely upon an appropriate contribution towards the therapy sessions if you are in a position to do so.

How do I apply?

Gaia Therapy Project provides a service to residents and Hackney and Tower Hamlets. 

For an application form, please email:

Once your completed application form has been received you will shortly be contacted to come in for an initial assessment, meeting with a qualified psychotherapist to further discuss your hopes and intentions for therapy at this time. If we agree that Gaia Therapy Project feels like the right place for you to start therapy, you will be matched with a therapist and begin weekly sessions. 

As we are on the first floor of an old building, unfortunately, Gaia Therapy Project is not currently wheelchair accessible. We are able to advise on wheelchair accessible therapeutic services within the local area.

We are currently open Tuesday to Thursday daytimes, Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings. 

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