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Deepening our connection to self and environment.

Bench on Autumn Leaves

Eco-therapy is an opportunity to include the natural world within the therapeutic relationship.  It is a therapeutic approach which aims to improve psychological well-being through working with a therapist outdoors in nature, or by bringing natural materials indoors to work with. 

 It is a new and developing field in counselling and psychotherapy; there are a number of recent research studies providing a strong evidence base for the therapeutic benefits of working outdoors with people experiencing challenges in their life. Many people living in urban environments have little contact with nature; disconnection from our natural environment can have a significant impact upon our well being and ability to resource and ground ourselves within difficulties. 

Some of our volunteer therapists have undergone trainings in Eco-therapy and are committed to expanding our therapeutic practice from indoors to outdoors if that feels of value to our clients. 

Eco-therapy: Services
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