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We consider human distress to be an understandable response to life’s challenges.

We respect the different ways an individual chooses to define their difficulties and treatment choices, however Gaia Therapy Project challenges standard definitions of ‘mental illness’ as essentially disorders or faulty internal mechanisms, favouring a holistic, psycho-social approach to understanding human distress.

We recognise that there are many factors that can contribute to emotionally distressing experiences, including – but not only - abuse, oppression, social injustice, discrimination, social isolation and long-term health conditions.

We will not impose particular viewpoints upon our clients but work collaboratively with them in discovering understandings and perspectives appropriate to their unique experience as a human being.

We will cultivate and promote an inclusive, non-discriminatory environment where everyone is welcomed, valued and treated respectfully.

We do not believe anyone should be excluded from therapeutic support because of limited financial means.  We are committed to providing affordable psychotherapy and counselling to people most need. 

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